This is simple tutorial how to connect to Gaming LAN, this LAN was created because if Ubisoft main server go offline then there is possible do play Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege in offline mode. For access contact sysadmin K9JerryLee @ UPLay ( Local GOD )

Step 1

Download OpenVPN @ exe direct download

Step 2

Download Gaming LAN config @ on request

Step 3

Install OpenVPN and start OpenVPN GUI

Step 4

Importing config file ( Step 2 )

1) Right click 2) Left click


Best FPS game so far that i have played in my life is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege There are are now more than 30 different operators in this game, this game is mostly orientated around tactics and gadget usage. Some of thous gadgets are so annoying that it basically gives you brain cancer like LION wall hack scanner or LISION Gu mines or Elas Gazmor mines.